Saturday, May 19, 2012

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties I had to step away from my blog for a while, but I'm happy to say that I'm back in action, looking for the best beauty products to share with the world, or, whoever is willing to listen.
Anyway, just because I wasn't blogging doesn't mean that I wasn't still "Whippin Hair and Beatin Face", which means that I was still testing products.
So lets talk EYEBROWS...
Brows are to me the most important feature on your face, I like to call them the "FRAME" of your face. So it is important not only to shape them correctly, but use the correct fillers and sets to get your ultimate BROW.
These are 3 of my favorite brow sets and fillers, try them for yourselves...


This pencil comes in several shades, the color I used is called "Spiked". The thing I like about this pencil is it's firmness, along with the thin tip application, allowing you to fill in with light strokes giving an extremely natural brow look.

MAC Brow Set is wonderful for those of you with unruly brows, just brush it on and go.

NYX makes a great inexpensive brow filler...I LOVE all of the wonderful shades that they offer from Blond, to Grey, and all in between.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Makeup and Hair Therapist: Not Makeup, Not Hair, But Nails!!!!

Makeup and Hair Therapist: Not Makeup, Not Hair, But Nails!!!!: I know this is a Makeup and Hair blog, BUT I found something new that I just HAD to tell you about! I was introduced to this product a few ...

Not Makeup, Not Hair, But Nails!!!!

I know this is a Makeup and Hair blog, BUT I found something new that I just HAD to tell you about!
I was introduced to this product a few weeks ago, and was very curious to see if it worked. I tried it for myself and I'm glad to say IT DOES!!!!
Now, if your like me you enjoy doing your own manicure sometimes, I find something therapeutic about it. And if your like me you don't always do a great job when it comes to the polishing of the nails, but, it's still fun.
Well look no more, Sally Hansen has created Salon Effects Real Nail Polish. They are actual polish strips that you peel and apply to the nail. There is no dry time, and it can last up to 10 days.
Well I put this baby to the test. After applying the polish strips and applying a nice top coat, I proceeded to clean my house from top to bottom, starting with the bathroom. 2 hours later my nails still looked as good as new, without one chip.
I also tried another brand (I won't say any names) that didn't last long enough for me to pick my nose. After applying I jumped in the shower and off they were. So stick with Sally Hansen.
Available in 24 fabulous shades, you can have the professional look of a salon manicure, with just $8.50, and 10 mins of your life.
Remember to follow the instructions for best results. I used pure acetone, and, a product called Chip Skip on "my" nails before application to insure that they were clean and dry so the polish would be sure to stick. I read that some people also buff there nails before applying for extra wear. Then after, apply a topcoat of your chose.
I dare you to try it for yourself, and give me some feed back if you get the time
Also used with this product was
Chip Skip by OPI. Use before applying any nail polish for longer wear.

Great for a longer lasting manicure. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sweet Lemon Magazine

I wanted to share with you one of my recent shoots with Sweet Lemon Magazine. This is a new, and very inspirational online magazine, created by young college students with a great since of fashion, and trend setting.
I was really honored to be called upon to do the Hair and Makeup for their first issue.
We shot the cover of the magazine, and the fashion spread at Union Hill Polo Club.
The model you see is also the Creative Director of the Magazine, the beautiful Paris Rouzati.
The Photographer was the very talented Steffano Morte, and the wardrobe stylist was Alison Prenger. This is one of the many conglomerations that I wish to have with this already very successful Magazine.
Please click on the pictures to zoom in.

Please visit for your experience of the future.

all rights reserved by Steffano Morte
Lipstick Shade: Coral Polyp by MAC

All rights reserved by Steffano Morte
Lipstick Shade: Plumpair by MAC

All rights reserved by Steffano Morte
Lipstick Shade: Russian Red by MAC

all right reserved by Steffano Morte
Lipstick Shade: Fleshpot by MAC

Sunday, October 23, 2011


The season's are changing fast and so is our skin.
We are mammals, and like most mammals we shed skin, and hair during certain times of the year. Because of this it is important to give the skin the proper treatment's, and nourishment that it needs.
Time isn't kind to our skin. As children the body produces all of the college and elastin it needs, this is why children have such tight, blemish free skin. But, as we age this production slow's down, almost to a halt.
To maintain a youthful appearance we need to add certain treatments to our regime. Below I have listed a few facials that are beneficial to treat yourself to in the beginning of every season. If you can afford to receive these wonderful treatments on a regular basis that's great, but for those of us that may not have that much access to cash, we do well enough to get them a few times a year. #Treat Yourself You Deserve It!!


Microdermabrasion Treatments slough's away that dull top layer of skin. Revealing a fresher, smoother, more radiant complexion. Erase's blemish's, unclogs pores, great for acne prone skin. Can be used on face and body.
After microdermabrasion's I always experience extreme dryness, this is normal, so make sure you have a great moisturizer to re-moisturize your skin.

Winters harsh effects cause extreme dryness for most people. That's why it is most important to commit yourself to proper skin care.
Hydrating Facials provide guaranteed moisture for dehydrated skin. Most of these facials include the following:
*vitamin K
*soft collagen 
*shea butter
*hyaluronic acid
*natural vegetable oils
All of these ingredients promote healing, skin balance, and reduces redness and irritation.
My favorite part are the warm towel that they wrap around the face to open the pores...MMMM YUMMY!!

This is not one of the more relaxing facials, but it is very beneficial. Leaving your skin looking and feeling clearer then before.
Oxygen over time diminishes, this shows on the skin by making wrinkles and fine lines more visible.
During these facials the therapist usually blasts oxygen into the skin. The oxygen is pushed into the skin packed with vitamins and minerals, also helping with blood circulation.

Manage You're Mane

Let's talk hair! Ok, so it's really important to change your hair care products from time to time.  Our hair, like anything else get's accustomed to what we put on it. So because of this we should have more then one kind of shampoo, and conditioner in our bathroom/shower.
Fortunately for you guys I have been doing some research, and was introduced to CINQUE Science.  Created by Steve Steffano, this 5-D Repair Technology re nourisher gives the hair the silky, manageable, shine that we all look for. And most important it's Cream Based and Sulfate free.
The 5-D addresses 5 dimensions of hair: Cuticle Protection, Cortex Health, CAM (cell adhesive molecules) Restoration, KAP (keratin associated proteins) Repair, and ph Balance, which all together creates true hair reconstruction.
I've tried it myself, now I dare you do the same!! #FABULOUS

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the Real Housewives LIVE TOUR

I was called Thursday Oct 13, 2011 by Factor Modeling Agency to see if I was available to work with the Real Housewives for their Red Carpet LIVE TOUR.  The event was happening Saturday Oct. 15, and even though I had a few obligations for Saturday, I quickly rearranged my schedule to accommodate Factor and Bravo Tv, I was NOT going to miss this opportunity!
Well it turned out to be an amazing event! I specifically did makeup and hair on Melissa Gorga (Real Housewife of New Jersey), and Marysol Patton (Real Housewife of Miami). They were wonderful clients, that upon meeting me were a bit nervous I wouldn't be able to pull off Hair, AND Makeup, in the end were in love, with their look, and ME ;)!!
Here are a few pics of the event, along with some of my favorite products that I used on them..Bon Appetit
This breakthrough %100 oil free Luminizer adds a beautiful sheen to brighten the face.  Wear alone or mix with your foundation to achieve your beautiful glow. Also in available in Gold L2.
I used NARS's all in one, cream to powder multipurpose makeup stick in color "Palm Beach" on Melissa to sculpt, and warm her face. 
If you are looking for that warm sun kissed glow, wear it on your cheeks, sides of face, and eyelids. Can also be used on lips. Apply with sponge or fingers.
Marysol Patton and I (Real Housewife of Miami) had a ball together. She's not only beautiful on the inside, but also on the outside. A women of her word, and someone who knows what she wants. I LOVE IT!
Marysol taught me a few things during my time with her, and always willing to be a good student, I listened and learned. 
Here two of my favorite products that I used on her...Miami for your Mommy

LORAC BREAKTHROUGH Performance Foundation is an oil-free, anti aging makeup that provides a luminous, natural coverage. With an SPF 14 your skin looks perfect.
Although I only post the best of the best, PLEASE don't forget that foundation should be pick according to YOUR skin. I have several different types of coverages in my kit, to accommodate all of the skin types that I work with, because we are all different. So don't run out and buy these foundations without consulting with me or a beauty rep to see if it's right for you.
if you want to contact me email at
This was one of my favorites. tart natural beauty cheek stain, free of:
                                  *Synthetic Fragrances and Dyes
gives a beautiful, natural color to the cheek, just as if your naturally wind blown.  
Apply with fingers or sponge.
Now enjoy more backstage pictures!

My new friend and fellow Makeup and Hair Artist Travis Culberson, A native Georgian, living and working in NY. 
He's Fabulous, check him out!